My name is Xieshi Zhang. I go by CrazyBlackStone online.

I am a student, an electronics hobbyist, and a hobby digital artist.

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My Projects

Here are some of my projects

Universal Tensile Testing Machine Version Two

An improved remake of the universal tensile testing machine.

Universal Tensile Testing Machine

A low-cost universal tensile testing machine.

STM32-Based RGB Gaming Keypad

A high-speed custom gaming keypad with a custom designed PCB.

Miniature Lock Box Puzzle

A 3D printable miniature lock box puzzle.

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My Publications

Here are some papers I wrote

This study evaluated the effects of the infill pattern and layer height on the tensile fracture force of tensile testing specimens.

My Characters

Here are some of my original characters

My Blog/Project Posts

This is where I talk about random stuff

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